Business Translation

Our company – Platinum holds a senior and professional team that specializes in business translation,
which is a mirror for a conversation that takes place in your meeting, with the language you prefer, Arabic, Hebrew, and English. Our team is proficient in all three languages ​​at the mother tongue level and their goal is to please the client, stand by him, and translate everything that happens at the meeting, directly or indirectly.
we have accompanied dozens of businessmen and companies who have chosen us from many companies in order to provide our service with loyalty, professionalism, and transparency.
Sometimes, a conversation takes place between the parties, which could be a turning point in your negotiations – if you find out about it. Our team works to be a translator for every word or sentence that is said in a meeting whether it is directly and/or indirectly even if it is a conversation between the other party.

Here are some of the translation services we provide to our clients:

  • Immediate translation and accompaniment by a personal translator according to the client’s choice.
  • Translation of official documents and contracts.
  • An interpreter accompanies according to working hours and in accordance with the client’s requirement up to the accompaniment of translation on a daily basis (interpreter in meetings between companies and/or outside the business field).
  • Immediate accompaniment by an interpreter is available for all required services.

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