About Us

About us

Platinum is an Israeli company that arose from a vision to provide unique business services to business people in everything related to business accompaniment, simultaneous translation in meetings, and translation of documents.

With our company’s business support, you do not just get someone to tell you what to do. We work with you to continually improve your business mechanism, and thereby improve your business results and quality of life. In the work process, we will put everything on the table, we will analyze all the possibilities and results.

In the most open and genuine communication. Without beautifying. We will understand your weaknesses and strengths. We will plan for you correct and accurate moves, and most importantly – we will work with you on a healthier process in all aspects of the firm. From improving the sales process and marketing strategy, through cash flow management and financial consulting for businesses to recruit employees, time management, and task management to a successful marketing campaign to promote your business.

For us, even small and medium-sized businesses – should be run like the big ones and understand the rules of the game in the country, which will lead to success.

Out of demands from many clients to also provide them with tourism and medical tourism consulting services, the company has decided in recent years to expand its service focus to include domestic tourism services – consulting and organizing domestic tour packages for business people, families, and individuals looking for a unique and prestigious trip in Israel. Concern for details. In addition to this and since our country is known for its professional medical staff, we have included in our basket of services also medical tourism services through which we take care of everything related to medical, aesthetic, and medical tourism so we also take care of organizing every necessary before, during and after treatment. With the medical authorities, papers, and documents, contact a variety of expert and well-known doctors in Israel and around the world until you rest in a luxury hotel or apartment according to your request.

Our company holds approvals from law enforcement authorities and works to provide its services in accordance with agreements between countries.